Hand Painted Acrylic personalised bookmark - a perfect gift for any reader

More people are trying to go back to reading on paper rather than on a device. It is so much better for our mental well being. 
This is the ideal present for someone who loves reading.

The bookmarks are made from 3mm thick acrylic and come in a choice of 4 different shapes. 

You can also choose the dominant colour of the ink and your personalisation. All the colours will be accented with a beautiful metallic gold colour. The piece is then finished with your choice of wording in a quality gold vinyl and a piece of gold ribbon.

Bookmark size is approx 15 cm x 5 cm. 

Please note that these are handmade pieces. Each item will be unique - alcohol ink flows where it wants to so I can not make any identical pieces. The bookmark will have a transparency to it. The painted side will not be smooth due to the nature of the paint. Each piece is finished with a UV protectant. 

Due to the drying/curing time needed for these pieces they can not be rushed so the dispatch time will be around 1 week.

Acrylic Bookmark Personalised Gift

Dominant Colour