Holographic Glitter Sparkle Vinyl Flowers Stickers.


Beautiful holographic stickers that catch the light and sparkle. All the colours listed are holographic. The ones listed as glitter have a larger pattern than the ones listed as holo.


They can be applied to most smooth, dry surfaces. They are permanent vinyl and can be added to glasses, water bottles, envelopes, planners, walls, laptops, phone cases - the list is endless.


Choose your size and colour from the drop down lists.


Small 1cm - 150 stickers

Medium 1.5cm - 84 stickers

Large 2cm - 54 stickers

Extra Large 2.5cm - 35 stickers


Each sheet is A5 size


All stickers my stickers are made to order.

I have other shapes available in my shop.


If using on items which need to be washed eg. glasses please only hand wash in luke warm water and do not scrub.

Holographic Glitter Flowers Stickers Decals