Set of pretty floral stickers. These match my Summer Flowers paper stationery set and the digital download. They can be used for all sorts of applications - use them on your envelopes, journals, laptops, lunchboxes, iPads, notebooks, phone cases, tiles, walls. They are waterproof so can go on mugs, jars etc. 
Each sticker measures between 5 and 7cm. 14 in total

They have a waterproof finish and can be wiped clean.
It isn't recommended that you apply them to wallpaper unless you never want to remove them as they may rip the paper when you try and take them off. If using on something which requires washing, do not use hot water and do not rub the decals.


We now offer the option of adding a UV Laminate which means the ink will not fade in sunlight. This offers 2 year protection against fading. You will not be able to see the laminate.


PLEASE NOTE: Direct sunlight is likely to cause colours to fade without the UV laminate. Avoid contact with any chemicals.

Sticker Set - Summer Flowers

PriceFrom £2.00